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The Army Tour


Here's your chance to tour the most technologically advanced and highly skilled fighting force in the world, from the safety of your own desktop. See some of the men and women that make it happen. And if you're so inclined, become one of them. huey choppers on the move

Both the Active Army and the Army Reserve are always looking for smart, motivated soldiers. Just click on the E-Mail icon, or dial 1-412-438-1121.

T Take a look into some of the training the Army offers, from aviation to air defense, from armor to medical support.
E Find out how to get a college education or pay for the one you already have through either the Active Army or the Army Reserve money for college programs.
A Experience as much Army adventure as you can without actually signing on the dotted line.
M Look into the money and other benefits available to those who sign up for even part-time service.
S There's a special pride that comes with service to this country. Take a look and see what we mean.



For more information on the Active Army or the Army Reserve, click on the E-Mail icon below, or to get the number of the nearest recruiter, dial 1-800-USA-ARMY ext. 499.

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This page was updated on June 16, 1997.